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About me…

Blonds have more fun 🙂

Married since 2001, I don’t have kids but I have an Anatolian Shepherd dog and 2 gelding horses. I live in a small village just outside Amsterdam. Moved there with my hubbie, from Zwolle in ’92 to take a job at a publisher. Nowadays I work at a heating company.

I like Billy Idol and playing the bassguitar (still can’t handle that damn thing but I keep trying). My favorite holidays are the ones in The States, would love to go again real soon…Oh and I have a turquoise fetish, everything in turquoise I must have 🙂 Even my kitchen and car are in that colour…

I’m also a frequent Blogger, I’m the kind of 2.0 girl. Google me around and you’ll find a lot of crap I put out on the web the last years. As a nickname I often use Shasadee. Unfortunatelly I’m not the only Astrid in the world so I have to pick nicknames. I love white tigers and Shasadee was one of Siegfried & Roy’s tigers. My WordPress blog is my newest blog…so let’s put up some of my stuff here…


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