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How to Adjust Your Guitar Strap to the Proper Length

In order to play your guitar standing up you need a guitar strap. Most guitar straps have an adjustable length. Many new guitar players are uncertain how long to make their guitar strap. These steps will help you find the optimal length.


Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Guitar
  • Guitar Strap
  • Armless Chair
  • A friend
  1. Sit with your guitar in playing position in a chair that does not have arms.
  2. Have your friend attach your strap to your guitar while you are sitting with it in playing position.
  3. Tell your friend to adjust the length of your strap so that it is the perfect length for when you are sitting down. This is the length you will start with.
  4. Stand up and test how it feels with the strap to be that length. It will feel different to play standing up than seated and that is ok. But – if you feel like you are choking on your guitar you may want to lengthen the strap just a bit. If your left wrist has to bend at too sharp of an angle, you may want to shorten the strap a tad.
  5. Practice playing standing up with your strap at that length. After a while you will know whether you need to lengthen or shorten your strap.

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch how professional guitar players have their straps set. You will note that many jazz players wear their guitar higher, because it is often somewhat easier to play that way. Many rockers wear their guitars lower because they think it looks cooler that way. Find your own happy medium.
  • Always make sure your strap is fully attached correctly before you stand up with your guitar or it may fall.

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