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Kung Fu Panda

Van het weekend ook weer tijd gehad voor een filmpie. Kung Fu Panda maar eens in de dvd speler gedaan. Ach wel aardig maar meer ook niet…
En op een weblogje van een medewerker van Dreamworks kwam ik nog de volgende info tegen over de op stapel staande filmpjes van zijn toko. Altijd leuk inside information:

I can’t give much informations on these topics due to confidentiality clause. But on the other hand I can summarize the official pitches and express my hopes regarding the most promising projects. For sure all the movies following Kung Fu Panda will be in stereoscopic 3d.

Madagascar, the crate escape (November 2008)

The first one wasn’t my favorite movie, but I have to admit that the designs of the characters are still very good and this delirious collection of characters grows considerably. However, many believe that this second opus would be even better than the first, filling a number of story gaps left unanswered from Madagascar 1.

Monsters vs. Aliens (March 2009)

Delirious parody of classic horror series Z. I like that subject, and the humor ( at least from the sequences I’ve seen) . All the artwork that adorn the walls of the lighting department really make me want to work on this movie :).

How to train your dragon (November 2009)

Base on a book by Cressida Cowell (that I have not read). The film is about dragons… of course, but also Vikings. The dragons designs by Nicolas Marlet are fantastic and the entire artistic direction makes me dream I’m already working on that one :), My favorite project so far.

Shrek goes fourth (Spring 2010)

Well no comments there. You might already have heard about this guy, aren’t you ?

Master Mind (Fall 2010)

A parodied super hero story . Not much infos on the film yet. From the directors of the short film "first flight".

Crood Awakening (no release date yet)

I do not know much this project, but the mere fact that John Cleese (to Monthy Python) participates to the writing sounds really good to me. The subject of the film: prehistory, a tribal chief is facing competition to lead his tribe …


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