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Billy Idol in London

When Amsterdam was over I decided it wasn’t enough Idol for now…Angela thougth the same so we tried to get cheap tickets to London. By air it was far to expensive so we took the car. Drove early in the morning to Calais and took the Tunnel by train. Only 74 euros for the car. Doesn’t matter how much people in it.
My hubbie’s boss allready told us not to park in Brixton (it isn’t a very safe place), we’d better park in Orpington. There we could take the train straight ahead to Brixton. And then there it was Carling Academy Brixton.
There was allready a line and after a while Ai (LadyWiliam) showed up and we had a blast.
Soundcheck would be at 5 o’clock. The band was in time and we got a few pics. We met some nice French people and Angela finally got her pic with Billy
At 7 doors went open and showtime was at 9.45. Billy’s parents where there and also Carole and Dave from Billy’s fanclub.
We stood right in front of the stage. I could bring my Canon S2 IS with me…. Everybody got warned for not taken pictures and they let me do whatever I want. Thanks security you where great!!!
After the show the band took time for the fans, it was really great so there I got my second picture with Steve "Mission Accomplished ".
Next gaol is a picture with the whole band 🙂
And a few other pics from the guys.
Then it was time to go. We took the train and cab to our hotel and when we came in…I was nailed at the ground. Who was checking in TOAST….
We talked a bit and made a quick pic so we had proof hahahah.
What a great day!!!!!
The next day we went to Billy’s parent’s home to see if he still was there. But unfortanatelly he was still sleeping or already gone to the airport. The band flew at thursday allready to Canada and Billy and Toast went on Friday.
Angela thanks for the great time…You rock girl!!!

2 Responses

  1. Awsome photo\’s ..they must have thought your were a member of the press haha!
    i have to make one comment ; remember back in 2005 how you said we were crazy for wanting to see that many shows?!
     Seems you are becomming quite the Idoladdict yourself!
    greetz Sweet J.

  2. My o my… wat heb ik genoten!!!
    Echt een van de mooiste dagen uit mijn leven.
    Vond het met jou ook erg gezellig!
    Waneer gaan we weer? 😉

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