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Paulownia boom

Inmiddels staat hij alweer heel wat jaartjes in mijn tuin. Maar veel bloempjes kwamen er niet aan. Een jaar zat er 1 bloemetje in waardoor ik wel zeker wist dat de hovenier me niet genept had. Maar dat was het dan ook. Dit jaar lijkt het wat te gaan worden, m’n Anna Paulownia boom gaat bloeien.
Dit zou het eigenlijk moeten worden, maar ja het begin is er.

America’s Fastest Growing Shade Tree!

Has grown up to 18 feet the first growing season, and usually reaches 25 feet the third year. We guarantee you’ll have fun watching this tree. Even more spectacular is its amazing beauty. The tree blooms colorful, lavender flowers in the spring that look and smell wonderful. Grow it when you’re in a hurry for quick shade, privacy or when you just need a beautiful ornamental showpiece. Its canopy creates dense shade for your home in the summer months. Then lets sunlight through in the winter – when you need it most.

The Paulownia Tree is able to thrive in most areas throughout the United States, and has even been known to grow in certain parts of Canada and Mexico. Has no significant disease or insect problems. Grows in almost any kind of soil, even toxic ones. A drought tolerant tree that’s hard to kill.

Mature Height:

40-50 ft.

Mature Width:

30-40 ft.


Full or Partial

Soil Conditions:


Drought Tolerance:



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